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Womens Henleys


The name of this type of shirt may sound funny, but the supreme comfort and style of womens henleys is no joke at all.

In fact, many ladies turn to these casual shirts throughout the year because they're both comfortable and stylish.

Since they're definitely a casual shirt, they are perfect for pairing with other pieces of casual clothing, like light jackets and dark blue jeans.

If you're just getting into buying a few women's henley shirts, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

The biggest factor in getting the most out of ladies henleys in general is the fit. The design of the shirt is forgiving, but you still want to make sure you have the best sizing options possible.

This means that you will need to make sure you know your true size with respect to the specific manufacturer of the henley shirt you have your eye on.


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The common mistake that many ladies make when they first start looking at women's henleys is that they assume the size they wear in other shirts will simply transfer over seamlessly.

Even if you're not willing to take your measurements over again, you still want to at least consult the size guide offered by the manufacturer to make sure the size you're thinking about getting the henley shirt in is actually going to fit you properly. Good women's henley shirts will sit properly on the chest without the fabric dragging or looking baggy.


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Accessories definitely can go a long way into making your next set of women's henleys special. Since this is such a basic style of shirt, you have a lot more room to experiment with jewelry than with other types of shirts. Most ladies henley shirts have a row of buttons right at the top that you can adjust depending on your personal taste or the mood you want to set with your outfit.

If you want to unbutton more of the collar, this would be the perfect chance for you to use one of the pendants you've purchased over the years or even to go out and get a nice pendant for the occasion. Combining a nice set of jewelry with your casual henley is always a smart choice.

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Don't forget the shoes when you're building your perfect casual outfit with one of the women's henleys you picked up. If you're into wearing high heels, you may want to get a pair with a smaller heel than wearing the tall stilettos you're used to.


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A womens henley shirt is generally the most casual style you can think of and the heels or pumps will take away from that laid back look you're really trying to go for. A pair of suede boots can carry a casual style through just about any weather and keeps your feet warm at the same time!

All things considered, a quality set of ladies henley shirts will get you through most casual occasions effortlessly all year around. With the information in this guide you should have no problem at all finding the perfect women's henleys that are just right for you!

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